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Warts , skin tags & moles


What are warts? 

Warts are soft growths on the skin caused by a virus known as HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. It is most commonly seen in the beard area, face, feet and hands. These soft growths on the skin have the tendency to spread from one part of the body to another and even from one person to another.


Is it necessary to remove warts?

Yes. If left untreated it can spread not only to the other parts of the skin but rarely to the throat.

How can one get rid of warts?

In most cases, warts are removed using an electrocautery machine, radiofrequency machine or fractional CO2 laser. A skin numbing cream is applied to the affected area prior to removal. The CO2 laser seals the blood vessels and also kills the wart tissue.

Can warts be prevented from coming back?

Warts are caused due to viral infection. In many cases, the main root of the wart may be very deep or the virus may still be active in the body. This can cause recurrence which can be prevented to a certain extent with the help of some immunomodulatory creams and supplements.

Skin tags

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are benign, innocuous soft growth on the skin. They appear mostly on the neck, face and underarms. DPN occurs as small benign brown or black spots on the skin.

Is it necessary to remove skin tags?

It is generally removed due to cosmetic reasons. But, some skin tags can grow large and cause discomfort or get infected.Skin Tag Removal necessory in some cases.

How can one get rid of skin tags and DPN?

Radiofrequency removal and Fractional Co2 laser the common modalities used.

Can skin tags be prevented from coming back?

Well not completely! Skin Tag Removal depent Some people are genetically more prone. For some, it’s the obesity or diabetes. A healthy lifestyle definitely helps.


What are moles?

Moles are the skin lesions which develop when melanocytes or the pigment cells develop in clusters.

How can one get rid of moles?

Radiofrequency or fractional CO2 laser treatment is the most widely used procedures to remove moles.




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