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Treatment that will keep Acne Scars at Bay

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Doesn't it?

Getting rid of that zit is hard work on its own, everyone knows that! Just when you thought that you are finally done with the whole scenario there they are, post acne scars!

Nobody wants to be reminded of his or her “zit days”, we know that! These pesky marks overtime might leave you all stressed and depressed.

So is it possible to get rid of acne scars?

Well well well, you don't have to live with those deep craters on your face anymore! We at Mahi Dermatology Center are here to help you.

Get to know your Acne Scars?      

Before we jump into the whole treatment procedure, it's important to be well informed about acne scars.
These scars are the results of acne which appear as inflamed blemishes caused by the clogging of the skin pores with excess oil, bacteria, and skin cells. When acne develops the skin pore swells which causes a break in the wall of the follicle. The shallow lesions are minor and take no time to heal. But when the break in the wall of the pore is deep, the infected substances can spill out of the pores and can lead to deeper lesions. When the deep breaks heal, they leave behind nasty looking scars and spots on the skin which take time to heal.

Basically, these scars are of two types

  • Hypertrophic or keloidal scarring: It is caused when the body produces excessive collagen as the wounds of acne heal. It results in a mass of bumpy tissue of the skin.
  • Atrophic or depressed scarring: It is caused when there is a loss of tissue. There are three kinds of atrophic scars- icepick, rolling, boxcar.

With all these scars, your ‘confidence’ factor is hampered at the end of the day.

Recommended Treatment: 

Scars don't disappear overnight!!! The dermatologist assesses your skin before drafting a complete treatment protocol for you.

The following treatments are offered at our center:

Subcision- This is used mainly for rolling scars, whereby a needle is passed below the scar to release the fibrous bands which pull the scar down.

TCA cross - This is chemical reconstruction of scars with a high concentration of trichloroacetic acid which is applied to the base of the scar to lift it.

Chemical peels- Used for acne, very superficial scars, post acne pigmentation

Microdermabrasion - used for very superficial scars.

Dermaroller - It is a handheld device with multiple tiny needles mounted on it. This instrument is rolled on the skin to create microtrauma to the skin. This activates the natural healing of skin which in turn induces collagen production to fill up the scars.

  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) :

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy utilizes multiple growth factors found in platelets which help in tissue remodeling and scar correction. After blood withdrawal & centrifugation, PRP is injected in the acne scars which stimulate collagen thereby naturally healing the scars.

Adequate local anesthesia reduces pain & makes the session comfortable. Some transient swelling and redness is common post-procedure. There is no downtime as such. These sessions are done once every month for about 4- 6 months. Results typically start to be apparent within a month after the procedure, but maximum results continue to occur over a period of 6 - 8 months.

This modality can be used for anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, facial rejuvenation and hair growth on the scalp, besides playing a big role in tissue remodeling & scar correction. The advanced technique has gathered popularity as it has no downtime, is safe, reliable, cost-effective & natural.

Fractional Co2 laser, Microneedling RF, Sublative RF are light-based devices which stimulate collagen and offer promising results in treating acne scars.

Fractional Co2 laser removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method in which columns of skin are removed, leaving the skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing. This is an in-office procedure that requires pre and post-treatment medications to ensure proper healing and comfort during the procedure. After the treatment, most patients describe the post-procedure feeling as a bad sunburn for about 12 hours to 2 days.

Depending on the area and the aggressiveness of the treatment, it will take 7-10 days for the skin to heal. This downtime will include significant redness crusting, minor oozing, dryness, peeling and flaking.

Don't just compromise on anything because hello... it's your skin we are talking about here. If you are aiming for an acne scar removal treatment anytime soon make sure you have the best help by your side. We at Mahi Dermatology Center make use of new age technology and expertise to give you that scar free glowing skin with acne scar treatment in Tamilnadu. Happy you, happy us!

For more inquiries speak to our Dermatologist Dr.Deepika Lunawat at Mahi Dermatology Center.

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