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Eating habits: How does it affect my skin and hair?

The environment in which we live in, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat have direct links with our health. The food that we eat provides nutrition for the whole body. Unhealthy food is not nutritious; thereby they directly affect the immune system. Now the

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The  Revolutionary PRP Treatment for glowing skin and beautiful hair

Nothing can make a person happier than a glowing skin and a head full of thick beautiful hair. At the same time, nothing can upset you than a freckle or hair fall! Here is a revolutionary treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment that will take you back to the best 'ha

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Treatment that will keep Acne Scars at Bay

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Doesn't it? Getting rid of that zit is hard work on its own, everyone knows that! Just when you thought that you are finally done with the whole scenario there they are, post acne scars! Nobody wants to be reminded of h

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Acne : Everything you should know about zits

What’s on the outside surely affects an individual in the inside, doesn't it? Most of us have experienced that phase of ‘zits and breakouts’ in our lives. Acne is a skin condition, common to people of all shapes and sizes, that often affects the indi

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