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Hair fall treatments

What are the common causes of hairfall?

Androgenetic alopecia - Male pattern & female pattern hair loss
Alopecia Areata
Telogen effluvium
Seborrheic dermatitis
Post pregnancy
Due to nutrient deficiency- anaemia, low levels of vitamins & minerals
Hormonal issues
Prolonged illness


 What are the available Hair Fall Treatment?

Minoxidil topical
Peptides topical
Finasteride topical & oral
Microneedling ts of the hair.
Platelet-rich plasma therapy
Hair transplantation - it is a surgical procedure for severe, resistant cases.

How does microneedling help?

Microneedling creates microchannels in the scalp. It increases the penetration of drugs. There is a release of growth factors and activation of stem cells. Thereby reduction in hairfall and stimulation of new hair follicles occurs.

How does PRP help?

PRP contains activated platelets which are the reservoir of various growth factors which help in reducing hairfall, increasing the density of hair and producing new hair follicles as well.PRP Treatment is the best hair loss management method.

How does Mesotherapy help?

It involves micro injections of vitamins and amino acids to stimulate hair growth.




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